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The aim is to build a Center for Excellence in Mechatronics to mobilize the research potential so as to achieve a qualitatively new level of knowledge in several mutually overlapping economic segments: mechanics, robotics, energy efficiency, sustainable use of raw materials and resources.

Main Goal of Center of Excellence in Mechatronics to impart training in automation and mechatronics to students and make them industry ready to face the future challenges.

Outcomes of Center of Excellence in Mechatronics:
  • Students will gain the full Industrial level knowledge of Mechatronics.
  • Deliver knowledge of the content in the Mechatronics Systems.
  • Learn the role of various mechanical components within a given system or module.
  • Trace and describe the flow of energy in a given mechatronics system or subsystem.
  • Students will gain the industrial level expertise in Mechatronics.
Irobolabs offering for Centre of Excellence in Mechatronics
  • All the Mechatronics equipments and devices
  • Designing Center of Excellence as per the require space.
  • Sign MoU with Institute/College.
  • Training after Lab Establishment.
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